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Banner Care

While considered temporary signs, banners can still provide a long and useful life if care is taken with their installation and storage.

Banners are usually installed flat on a wall or between poles. The key to prolonging the life of your banner when installed outdoors is to minimize the damaging effect of wind on the banner’s grommets.

Banner installation between poles with bungee cords:

When installing a banner between two poles, you must take care to prevent extreme stress on any single grommet hole.  Whenever possible, use bungee cords hang the banner, attaching every grommet hole available with your bungee cords to the poles. Bungee cords will absorb the shock of the wind and stretch with the banner allowing the wind to pass around the sides of the banner. Bungee cords also make the installation of your banner easier by helping it stretch tight and flat.

Banner installation between poles with rope:

  • Bungee cords are the preferred method for hanging banners, but if you need to use rope to hang your banner the following method works well:
  • Determine how much rope is needed to tie off the banner between to poles. Be sure to give yourself a little extra length. If necessary, it can be trimmed later.
  • Weave your rope through the grommet holes across the top of the banner. Then weave your rope through the grommet holes across the bottom of the banner.
  • Tie the top rope as tight as possible between the poles. Be sure the banner is centered and level.
  • Tie the bottom corners at about a 15 degree angle down from the bottom edge of the banner leaving a slight amount of play in the rope. This will allow the air to escape out of the bottom of the banner.

Additional help in windy conditions:

If the banner will be hung where it can be exposed to high winds, wind slits must be cut into the banner to allow air to pass through the banner. BannerWorx can cut these wind slits for you or you can cut them yourself. A typical wind slit is a 4-inch radius half circle (bottom half of a circle).

Banner installation on a wall:

For a banner to be installed onto a wall, install it by driving screws (and washers if necessary) through the grommet holes and into the wall. The following method works well:

  • Determine where you want the banner to be positioned.
  • Secure the top-left corner of the banner first.

  • Continue securing the banner across the top at each grommet hole, from left to right, making sure the banner is level.

  • Secure the bottom grommets from left to right.

Note: When installing a banner directly onto a building, be aware that screws will leave permanent holes in the wall. Some surfaces such as Dryvit may also require special fasteners to prevent the screws from pulling out. Before drilling, be sure to obtain landlord or property owner approval.

Banner Storage:

Between uses, your banner should be kept rolled into a cylinder. If folded or wrinkled, creases may remain forever.

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